ESET Electronic Systems Engineering Technology

Electronic Systems Engineering Technology is a continually expanding field offering exciting careers in electronic system design, manufacturing, maintenance, marketing, support, and management. Graduates have assumed major roles in a wide variety of professional areas. Some of these areas include sensors, communications, control systems, circuit design, system design, systems testing, computer system design, medical systems, and materials testing. As the country designs, upgrades, replaces and maintains the vast communications highway, most of the work will be done by electronics technicians.

Math, computer and technical skills all provide a base for career development that often leads to leadership and management positions in the broad field of electronics engineering.

Educational background: Applicants are advised that competency in algebra, trigonometry, and physics is important. Applicants without this background may take the prerequisite courses at STCC although this may lengthen the time needed to complete the degree program.

Graduates are often encouraged to pursue a bachelor's degree upon completion of their associate's degree. Students wishing to further their education in an engineering field should notify their STCC academic advisor early in their course of study so that arrangements can be made to facilitate the transfer process.


Full or Part Time, we work to help fit your schedule: Classes are offered during:

  • Day
  • Hybrid


Most classes incorporate hands lab material. We stress the need for hands on learning to build student confidence and skills that will benefit them years into their careers.


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