Week #1: (1/26), LEAN, 5S, Six Sigma

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Week #1: (1/26), LEAN, 5S, Six Sigma

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This week we begin the discussion on LEAN, 5S & Six Sigma. These are three initiatives which many companies are instituting to improve quality and reduce waste within their organization.

The concept of LEAN is to minimize waste. Read through the attachment LEAN Brings Results. Make special note of the spaghetti diagram and the dollar amount of WIP (work in progress). Here the pdf:
LEAN brings results.pdf
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The Eight Wastes of LEAN from Wisconline.com

Here's a quote from the Defense Acquisition University:

"Lean Manufacturing is a manufacturing philosophy which shortens the time between the customer order and the product build/shipment by eliminating sources of waste."

Perhaps the best definition of Lean that we have encountered is based upon a story told by Mr. Ohno-who in a discussion with Mr. Cho (the future president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company, Georgetown KY) about the origins of the TPS (Toyota Production System), indicated that (what we now call Lean) is a manufacturing phenomenon that seeks to "maximize the work effort of a company's number one resource, the People." Lean is therefore "a way of thinking" to adapt to change, eliminate waste, and continuously improve. There are a number of tools and techniques, to be used in concert, to achieve maximizing the effort of the workforce and to operate as a "lean" company."

In addition, here's a link to Lean Thinking and Methods by the U.S. EPA.

Here is the Wikipedia description of "Lean".

Here's Wikipedia on muda or "waste".

A term often included in discussions of LEAN is Six Sigma. More will be discussed about this, but here is a brief introduction. Six Sigma deals with minimizing process variation.
Here's a brief description of "lean six sigma"
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_Six_S ... plified.29

Re: Week #1: (1/26), LEAN, 5S, Six Sigma

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Jobs finish, leans is the manufacturing control of manufacturing waste.
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