Weeks #2 & #3: (2/1-12) Six Sigma, 5S

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Weeks #2 & #3: (2/1-12) Six Sigma, 5S

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5S Methodology is a workplace organization concept. Originally in Japanese, the English word translation for 5S is: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize & Sustain.

Here is a description from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency about various Process Improvement methods .

Cellular Manufacturing involves creating production work stations and equipment arranged in a sequence that supports a smooth flow of materials and components. Cellular Manufacturing from Encyclopedia.com.

Last week we discussed topics in LEAN, that is, a methodology to eliminate waste. One link which didn't get posted for last week is The Eight Wastes of a LEAN Production System.

Last January I received an e-mail for this webinar (web delivered seminar) 3D Printing Makes Lean Manufacturing Leaner. Below is the text of the e-mail:
This webinar will present an overview of 3D printing and how the technology helps manufacturing operations become leaner by eliminating wasted time, materials, space, and labor. Attendees will learn how 3D printing can reduce design-to-production cycle times through rapid and iterative prototyping, and how the broader spectrum of materials now available makes 3D printing a practical approach to many tooling applications as well as to producing replacement parts on demand. Attendees will also learn how manufacturing operations can take maximum advantage of these enhancements by establishing an in-house 3D printing capability. The presentation will explain how, as the costs of purchasing and using a 3D printing system continue to decline, the return on the investment of setting up an in-house capability has become greater and is realized sooner.
Documents available from this webinar include this whitepaper:
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and the pdf of the Powerpoint from the Webinar:
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"Six Sigma". The next four links contains interactive tutorials from Wisc-online.

For Homework due before next class: Work through each of the Wisc-Online links on your own in addition to the time we spend in class. When you have completed working through the assigned Wisc-Online links, post a Reply to this topic below stating you have completed the assignment.

What is Sigma? Why Six?
http://www.wisc-online.com/objects/inde ... ID=QLT1404

Six Sigma and the Cost of Quality
http://www.wisc-online.com/objects/inde ... ID=QLT1504

Six Sigma DMAIC Steps
http://www.wisc-online.com/objects/inde ... ID=QLT1304

Six Sigma Process Performance Analysis
http://www.wisc-online.com/objects/inde ... ID=QLT2204

Some additional links:

LEAN/Six Sigma Culture

Pareto Effect: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle and http://management.about.com/cs/generalm ... 081202.htm.

Re: Weeks #2 & #3: (2/1-12) Six Sigma, 5S

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non-utilized skills
excess processing

Completed week 2-3
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Re: Weeks #2 & #3: (2/1-12) Six Sigma, 5S

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Re: Weeks #2 & #3: (2/1-12) Six Sigma, 5S

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completed four power points and looked at how to create a gantt chart on you tube

Re: Weeks #2 & #3: (2/1-12) Six Sigma, 5S

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Read it, understand it

Re: Weeks #2 & #3: (2/1-12) Six Sigma, 5S

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Reading complete... some needed a second look-thru.

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read it
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