Week #9: (3/21-25) PING Sensor, 4x4 Keypad

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Week #9: (3/21-25) PING Sensor, 4x4 Keypad

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This week we will discuss the operation of the PING ultrasonic sensor and the 4x4 keypad. Both of these peripherals are required experiments for the lab portion of the course.

It's recommended that you look through the Advanced Sensor Text from Parallax to get ideas about possible experiments. It is attached here for your convenience:
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PING Ultrasonic Sensor

Here's the link to the PING Info on the Forums and here is the Chapter from the Smart Sensors Text using the PING sensor. This is the exercise you should perform when using the PING.
PING from SmartSensorsText_v14.1.pdf
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4x4 Keypad

The 4x4 keypad uses a matrix system to determine which key is pressed. This basic concept is common to most keypad & keyboard components. Here is the pdf for the keypad exercises:
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NOTE: When copying and pasting the sample code in the pdf into the BS2 Editor, there might be a problem with the "spacing" of the keyboard grid generated in the Update: subroutine. If this happens, you will notice that the right column or two might not "clear" when releasing the key. To remedy this, insert additional spaces as needed to allow the vertical bars "|" to align with the "+" signs in the row above. You grid should look like the example code in the keypad pdf.
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