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Project Report Details

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The project grade requires the submission of a combined report describing the project, it's various major components and challenges and any supporting documentation along with assigned tasks for each team member. I've attached a pdf of the reports from previous classes to give you an idea. (NOTE: The Fall 2014 class was an evening class, and they had extra-difficult time constraints against them.) In my opinion, all of these reports had LOTS of room for improvement, and given additional time, I'm sure they would've looked better. But this should at least give you a few ideas on what needs to be done.

Pictures, diagrams, schematics, program listings should be included in the report. If they are not directly the topic of a discussion, then schematics, programs and other support documents should be at the end of the report in the Appendix.

I would also highly recommend creating a video of the entire process. An example is last year's video posted here on YouTube.

One suggested way of creating the report is to have individual team members write their own parts or specific sections, and then have one team member assemble the sections into one cohesive document. That team member should then send the combined document to each member of the team to make sure it is correct before sending it to me.

This document should be submitted electronically to me on or before 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, May 19, 2016. I will post on this forum that I have received the copy, so you will all know that it has been received. I must submit my final grades for all classes by Midnight, Friday, May 20th, so I cannot grant an extension of time beyond the 11:59 p.m. 5/19 deadline.
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