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Python Install links

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On your PC to Run Python locally

From the text:

Downloading and Installing Python

You can download Python for Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu for free from If you download the latest version from the website’s download page, all of the programs in this book should work.

Be sure to download a version of Python 3 (such as 3.4.0). The programs in this book are written to run on Python 3 and may not run correctly, if at all, on Python 2.

You’ll find Python installers for 64-bit and 32-bit computers for each operating system on the download page, so first figure out which installer you need. If you bought your computer in 2007 or later, it is most likely a 64-bit system. Otherwise, you have a 32-bit version, but here’s how to find out for sure:

On Windows, select Start▸Control Panel▸System and check whether System Type says 64-bit or 32-bit.

On OS X, go the Apple menu, select About This Mac▸More Info ▸ System Report▸Hardware, and then look at the Processor Name field. If it says Intel Core Solo or Intel Core Duo, you have a 32-bit machine. If it says anything else (including Intel Core 2 Duo), you have a 64-bit machine.

On Ubuntu Linux, open a Terminal and run the command uname -m. A response of i686 means 32-bit, and x86_64 means 64-bit.

On Windows, download the Python installer (the filename will end with .msi) and double-click it. Follow the instructions the installer displays on the screen to install Python, as listed here:

Select Install for All Users and then click Next.

Install to the C:\Python34 folder by clicking Next.


To get your programs to the cset2 server

puTTY ... nload.html

Download putty.exe, drag and drop, then run it.
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