Week #2: Ch. 3 - Personal Protection Equipment

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Week #2: Ch. 3 - Personal Protection Equipment

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Wednesday 9/12: Chapter 3 - Personal Protective Equipment.


PPE Training Not overly flashy, but basic information and quizzes on PPE.

A 15 minute YouTube presentation on PPE - An Overview of the Basics.

A 5 minute YouTube video on Why Do We Wear PPE?. Several of the demos illustrate the points nicely.

And a PPE Safety Rap Video for those who learn through music.

ArcFlash Links:

Here's a very informative book on ArcFlash: You can register here to receive this directly from the publisher and see other related content they have available.

The above document is WAY more detailed than we'll cover in a course such as this, and we'll mention more about this in the chapter on Electrical Safety.

YouTube Slow-Motion Video of an Arcflash.

YouTube Arcflash Accident

PowerPoint Presentation on ArcFlash from OSHA.

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