Week #3: (9/19) Ch. 6 - Safe Materials Handling

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Week #3: (9/19) Ch. 6 - Safe Materials Handling

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Today we will discuss Chapter 6 in the text on Safe Materials Handling.

OSHA - Material Handling & Storage pdf:
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CDC - Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling pdf: Handcart Safety
This video isn't only about material handling, it also includes other safety topics we've discussed. Warehouse Safety - It's No Joke.

Not necessarily a Materials Handling Safety video as it encompasses many of the safety aspects we've discussed in the course so far. This safety video linked to below was created by Xerox a long time ago (1969). It gives a bit of an insight as to safety management in that era. In addition to counting "safety" issues during the video, you might find it challenging to count the number of non-PC (non-politically correct) issues which wouldn't be acceptable in today's workplace. 60's Xerox Safety Video.

And how NOT to do it:
How Not to Unload a Truck
How Not to Unload a Truck - Part 2
Tragic loss of life from a palletizer.
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