Week #4: (9/25) Ch. 8 - Electrical Safety

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Week #4: (9/25) Ch. 8 - Electrical Safety

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This class we will discuss Chapter 8 in the text on Electrical Safety.

NIOSH Student Manual for Electrical Safety & Health for those in the Electrical Trades. This has some very good case studies as well as some pretty graphic images. This is an EXCELLENT Resource and you are encouraged to read it through and keep it handy for future reference. OSHA Quick Card on Electrical Safety.

OSHA on Lockout-Tagout Procedures.

Electrical Safety Foundation International.

This is a long presentation, very simple with basic graphics, and was geared to those who work in hospitals, but overall is a good presentation of Electrical Safety from HowEquipmentWorks.com.

University of South Carolina Electrical Safety PowerPoint pdf:
Electrical Safety_UniversityOfSouthCarlina_PPT.pdf
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