Final Exam Information: Wednesday, 12/21

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Final Exam Information: Wednesday, 12/21

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The Final Exam for EET-106 is scheduled Wednesday, 12/21 from 9:05 - 10:55 A.M. according to the STCC Final Exam schedule available from here. While Final Exams are scheduled in 2 hour time blocks, you should be able to complete the exam in well under the normal one hour class period. It will be of a similar format to the Final Exams in EET-104 & EET-105. There will, however, be a bit more calculations for Ohm's Law and basic electrical circuit concepts. There will be approximately 25 Multiple Choice questions on the Final Exam.

Alternate times to take the Final Exam are:
Monday, 12/19: 10:10-12:05.
Tuesday, 12/20: 8:30-10:30.

If you wish to take your final exam at one of the alternate times, you must first check with your instructor and sign-up for the alternate day/time.
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