Week #4: (12/5-9) Ch. 8 & Ch. 7

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Week #4: (12/5-9) Ch. 8 & Ch. 7

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This week we will continue discussing Chapter 8 on Solving Electrical Problems on Monday & Wednesday and then cover Chapter 7 Solving Mechanical Problems on Friday.

Monday, 12/5: The "sniff" test and using a digital multi-meter for trouble-shooting.

Here are three DMM Tutorials from Wisc-online:
Introduction to the Digital Multimeter

DMM - Ohmmeter Connections

Proper Digital Multimeter Placement. (Hint: To get the probes onto the circuit test points, drag the prob until the cross on the probe is over the connection point.)

And a couple of links on power dissipation:
Power Dissipation & Electronics Components

Power Dissipated by a Resistor

Some "Flashcards" on Significant Digits and Accuracy from Wisconline: Measurement: What is Accuracy? and Accuracy of Measurement Numbers.

How to Determine Digital Multimeter Accuracy

Accuracy & Precision Chart from Fluke. After viewing this chart, close down (Click on "X") this chart to reveal other helpful hints from Fluke.

Accuracy from National Instruments A bit mathematical, but a good presentation if you understand Algebra 1 material.

Wednesday, 12/7: Chapter 8 plus links from Monday.

Friday, 12/9: Finish up Chapter 8 on Electrical Troubleshooting, voltages across working & blown fuses/breakers, we'll work through a few Ohm's Law Problems and then, time permitting, begin Chapter 7 on Mechanical Troubleshooting.

Quiz Pack #3 will be distributed on Friday, 12/9. It is due on Friday, 12/16.

Some support links: (These were posted back in week #1 and repeated here for convenience.)

Using A Multimeter.

How to Troubleshoot Like an Expert.

Basic Troubleshooting Strategies from AllAboutCircuits.com .
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