Week #7: (10/20) Introduction to Parallax Process Control

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Week #7: (10/20) Introduction to Parallax Process Control

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This week will be the introduction to using the Basic Stamp and the Parallax Process Control text.

The lab sheet for this week's lab is here: Here's the parts list from page 312 of the text:
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When you finish this exercise, make a post in the form of a Reply to this topic stating you have completed the assignment.

The Parallax Process Control text can be downloaded directly from Parallax at the link above. It is no longer available in print, so you must use the pdf version. It is also attached below.

The errata (known errors) for the Process Control text can be found here. You should make note of these errors so you'll be aware of them as you work through the exercises in the text. A copy is attached below.

Here is the link where you can download the Process Control Example Code, also contained in this file:
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Here's the link to download the StampPlot software needed for many of the exercises. Be sure to download the proper version for your operating system. Version 3 Release 8.5 is for Vista/Win7/Win8 and Version 3 Release 7.5 is for Windows XP.

You will also need the StampPlot Macros or here:
Process Control Parts List_p312.pdf
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The documents below are the Process Control Text, the Errata sheet for the Process Control Text, and separate pdf files for Chapters 3 & 4, for convenience. They are the same as in the complete Process Control Text.
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Process-Control-Text-Chapter 4_v1.0.pdf
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Process-Control-Text-CHapter 3_v1.0.pdf
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