Week #9: (11/1) BS2 Mathematical Functions

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Week #9: (11/1) BS2 Mathematical Functions

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Last week we spent the majority of time performing the lab on BS2 I/O Signals here. We'll spend just a few minutes discussing the signals we observed.

We'll spend a bit of time in the class presenting the Mathematical Functions available on the BS2. These were presented by in Week #8 Lecture.

We will devote time tonight to work on your Exam #1 Traffic Light assignment.

If you are done with your Traffic Light assignment, you can perform some of the experiments in the StampWorks kit, which uses the BS2 Professional Development Board. The StampWorks Manual and the Professional Development Board manual can be downloaded here in the Welcome to Course Topic. If you don't perform these exercises this week, you will be able to do them on Week #11 (11/15).

The experiments to do using this kit are:

Experiment #10 (Page 67): Digital Clock
Experiment #11 (Page 75): Basic LCD Demonstration
Experiment #27 (Page 150): Stepper Motor Control

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