Week #14: (12/6) Keypad, PING, ?

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Week #14: (12/6) Keypad, PING, ?

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This is our last week of lab. Tonight you should be completing the experiments using the 4x4 Keypad from Week #13 and the PING ulta-sonic sensor.

Here is the Chapter on the PING Sensor from the Parallax Smart Sensors Text:
PING Sensor Experiment from SmartSensorsText.pdf
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The PING Sensor is an example of a "Smart Sensor" in which there is considerable circuitry involved to make interfacing easier. In some cases, the smart sensor might even include it's own microcontroller and it can be programmed to operate on its own, communicating with the master controller only as necessary. Think of a temperature sensor which only sends a signal to the master controller when something is wrong. If the temperature is OK, it generally suppresses output, other than an occasional "Check in" message. But when a out of whack temperature is recorded, it comes to life and transmits this information to the master controller. In this way, routine maintenance is handled right at the sensor and the main processor can keep busy doing more important tasks.

There are FOUR (4) Advanced Peripheral experiments that you should complete before the Final Exam.
#1. StampWorks Digital Clock
#2. StampWorks LCD Display
#3. 4x4 Keypad interfacing
#4. PING Ultrasonic Sensor
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