Week #16: (5/8-10) Wrap-Up Week

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Week #16: (5/8-10) Wrap-Up Week

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This is the last class meeting of the semester. We won't be covering any new material today, just doing a quick review and then you can work on your Advanced Automation Project.


The End of the Year Assignment/Final in the Registered Users Only area. There is no "in class Final Exam" for this course. This is the assignment due in lieu of a Final Exam. Please note the deadlines given.

Project Schedule, Due Dates & Deadlines.

Project Presentation is on Thursday, May 18, 2017 @ noon.
All Day Students are expected to be at the Presentation. Evening students should have at least one representative that can operate the project, but all are welcome. Pizza & soda will be served after the presentations.
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