Week #12: (4/10-14) StampWorks Experiments

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Week #12: (4/10-14) StampWorks Experiments

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As you complete the experiments below, you should create a post which lists which experiments you completed. If you've completed all of these exercises, then please jump to Week #13.

Stampworks lab information and assignments were originally posted Here in Week #6.

The assignments have been copied again below for your convenience:

The Stampworks Manual can be downloaded here in the Course Syllabus and Documents Topic.

You will notice that the list below begins with Experiments #26 & #27, then back to Experiment #10. It is advised you perform these Experiments in this order. You might find the experiments on Servo Motor and Stepper Motor Control useful for your Advanced Manufacturing (EET-265) project.

The required experiments in the StampWorks Manual are:

Experiment #26: Hobby Servo Motor Control
Experiment #27: Stepper Motor Control
Experiment #10: A Digital Clock
Experiments #11, 12 & 13: Using an LCD Display
Experiment #14: Scanning & Debouncing Multiple Inputs
Experiment #16: Frequency Measurement
Experiment #17: Advanced Frequency Measurement
Experiment #18: A Light Controlled Theremin
Experiment #21: Analog Input with PULSIN
Experiment #22: Analog Output with PWM
Experiment #31: Advanced 7-Segment Multiplexing*
Experiment #32: IC2 Communications*
Experiment #33: Using A Real-Time Clock

*These Experiments require external parts not contained within the StampWorks Board Inventory. See your instructor for these components.

Re: Week #12: (4/10-14) StampWorks Experiments

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Experiment 31, 32 complete

Re: Week #12: (4/10-14) StampWorks Experiments

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all labs are done

Re: Week #12: (4/10-14) StampWorks Experiments

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labs completed

Re: Week #12: (4/10-14) StampWorks Experiments

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31-33 done by 4/20/'17
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Re: Week #12: (4/10-14) StampWorks Experiments

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Anthony and Jose 31-33 Finished
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