Week #15: (5/1-5) Work, Power, Torque, HP & RPM

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Week #15: (5/1-5) Work, Power, Torque, HP & RPM

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NOTE: Today's class, 5/5, is the last day this class meets according to the STCC Academic Calendar. . Our Final Exam will be held on Monday, 5/15 from 9:05-10:55 (two hours) per the STCC Spring 2017 Final Exam Schedule.

Additional Final Exam, Lab Manual & End of the Year Information can be found by clicking here.

Today we'll discuss a couple of the concepts in these Wisc-Online Tutorials:

The first few slides of: Work and Power

What is Torque?

Calculating Horsepower, RPM & Torque. This presentation has sound.

Here are some Basic Mechanics Word Problems. The first couple reflect some of the content presented above.
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