Welcome to Course, Syllabus & Course Materials

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Welcome to Course, Syllabus & Course Materials

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Welcome to the Forums for the 2017 Spring Semester of EET-250 Control System Theory. This is a hybrid course and you are expected to spend at least one class hour of time each week reading the materials posted on these forums and/or distributed in class. This one hour is in addition to normal course assignments & lab work.

A pdf of the course syllabus is attached below here:
EET-250 Syllabus 2017SP v17.1.pdf
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Some additional info for the course.

The texts and materials needed for the course are:


Instrumentation and Process Control by Terry Bartelt, Delmar-Cengage Learning, 2007. ISBN: 978-1-4180-4171-7 (Amazon.com Link. (NOTE: We DO NOT use the lab manual for this text.) Many of the topics presented in this text are exemplified on the Wisc-Online.com site. You might find it convenient to Register on this site, but registration is not required. You will be required to view these presentations & other supplied web-assisted materials outside of class lecture time.

Plus the Process Control Text from Parallax attached below.

Lab Materials:

Parallax BasicStamp/BoeBot Board (see below) & batteries or power adapter.
Parallax Process Control Text (see below) & Parts kit (optional)
USB FlashDrive
A notebook computer is recommended, but not required.

The lab portion of the course will consist of several handouts for the analog control topics and then the digital control experiments will be taken from the exercises in the Parallax Process Control Text available for download here:
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The Parallax Process Control Kit is no longer available due to two components which were not RoHS Compliant. We have sufficient quantities of the components, but care must be taken to keep the kits in good order. Please report any shortages or failed components you may find during the semester.

You will need your BoeBot Microcontroller board from your EET-101 (Previously ELEC-140) class for many of the lab exercises. If you do not have your BoeBot or if it (the brain) is non-functional, one of the least expensive alternatives is the Basic Stamp Activity Kit from http://www.Parallax.com for $79.99. The BoeBot should be available in the STCC bookstore for those who must purchase through that venue. There are limited supplies of Parallax "Homework Boards" which can be loaned out if necessary. They are not quite as flexible as the BoE's, but mostly will do the same job.
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