Week #12: (4/10-14) Ch. 8 - PID Calculations for the BS2.

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Week #12: (4/10-14) Ch. 8 - PID Calculations for the BS2.

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This week we're going leave the regular Control Systems text in order to jump ahead a bit to Chapter 8 in the Parallax Process Control Text discussing PID Control. Specifically, we're going to emphasize the processes through which a microcontroller can perform Proportional, Integral and Differential calculations. I've attached a pdf of Chapter 8 here for your convenience:
Process-Control-Text-Chapter 8_v1.0.pdf
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Figure 8-1 on page 249 shows a block diagram of a PID Control System and Figure 8-4 on page 252 shows a typical analog circuit showing the PID control elements (op-amps, R's & C's mostly).

Our focus will be on Table 8-1 on page 272. It's attached here and printed copies will be distributed in class on 4/12.
PID Controller Handout Worksheet v16.1.pdf
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This table is based upon the Classical PID Formula presented on page 248 of the Process Control Text:
Ch. 6 & 7 Incubator Schematic & Layout.pdf
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Our task in class will be to complete this chart and hopefully understand the calculations the BS2 will use to perform the PID calculations required in Chapter 8 experiments.

A pdf containing the above formula and Table is attached below and a hardcopy will be distributed in class on 4/12.
Table 8-1_p272.jpg
Table 8-1_p272.jpg (65.06 KiB) Viewed 351 times
In addition, for reference, here is the schematic for the Incubator Circuit:
Classical PID Formula.jpg
Classical PID Formula.jpg (147.74 KiB) Viewed 351 times
Derivative Control Mode Analogy from Wisc-Online.
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