Week #10: (3/27-3/31) ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

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Week #10: (3/27-3/31) ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

Post by rjagodowski » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:44 pm

This class we will discuss the highlights of the pdf attached below on Electromagnetic Compatibility.
ElectroMagnetic Compatibility.pdf
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This is a fairly lengthy (200+ pages) document which addresses the concept of dealing with EMI & RFI with a focus on maintaining compatibility among systems which occupy the same spectrum space. It is written at a "technician's level" with minimal emphasis on mathematical equations, numerous diagrams and clear and concise descriptions of problems and their solutions.
While we don't have time to cover the entire document in class, I encourage you to put this on your "reading list" to read in its entirety.

One of the concepts presented early on in this document is the concept of harmonics. Here is a simulator that we'll discuss in class which shows the relationship between waveform shape and harmonic content. www.Falstad.com/fourier.

Here is a link to the topic of Ground Loops from Wikipedia.

Drain Wire for grounding

Shielding and Grounding in Industrial Automation.

The 50 Ohm Question: Impedance Matching in RF Design.

Also a topic for discussion: Cabling Concerns - Check out the short video "Moving Violations" on Cable & Power Cables in Contact, violating code regulations in ECM CodeWatch from June 2, 2016.

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