Week #3: (10/23-27) Series, Parallel, Ladder Diagrams, Visio

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Week #3: (10/23-27) Series, Parallel, Ladder Diagrams, Visio

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This week we'll continue the discussion of Electrical Circuit Diagrams and finish Chapter 4 in the text, discuss Ladder Logic drawings and introduce the Microsoft program Visio for creating technical diagrams.

(NOTE: Quiz Pack #1 will be distributed on Monday, Oct. 23, and it will be due on Monday, Oct. 31.)

Assignment: Pages 55 & 56 in the text have some schematic related questions. You should answer questions 4-1 through 4-19.

Monday 10/23: Review of series & parallel connections from 10/18. Continue working in Chapter 4 in the text with a discussion of Fig 4-7 and Fig. 4-8 on the truck wiring diagram & schematic.

Wednesday 10/25: Ladder Logic diagrams explained. Sample Ladder Logic Problems, some get more involved than we need to at this point. A worksheet containing several of these was distributed in today's class. Here is a pdf:
Ladder Diagram - Problems v1a.pdf
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Six Rules of Drawing Ladder Logic Diagrams:
Six Rules of Drawing a Ladder Diagram.pdf
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Friday 10/27: MS Visio
Here is a link for a tutorial from Microsoft on Visio 2016.

YouTube video tutorial on Using Visio to Draw an Electrical Schematic Diagram.

A quick "How To" from MS on Create an Electrical Engineering Diagram in Visio.
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