Week #5: (11/6-8) Piping, A/C & Refrigeration

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Week #5: (11/6-8) Piping, A/C & Refrigeration

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This is the last week of our 5 week course. Due to the observance of the Veteran's Day Holiday on Friday, 11/10, we only have one day of lecture on Monday, 11/6. There are no classes on Friday so the final exam is on Wednesday, 11/8.

Click here for Final Exam information.

Monday, 11/6: Today we will cover the key topics in the chapters on piping (Chapters 5 & 6) and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (Chapter 9).

This is a link explaining how RV Air Conditioning works, but shows the basic components used in A/C and Refrigeration Systems. RV Air Conditioning Service.

Wednesday, 11/8: Final Exam. (NOTE: Due to the Veteran's Day Observance on Friday, 11/1, Wednesday, 11/8 will follow a Friday Schedule.)

Friday, 11/10: No classes at STCC today due to observance of Veteran's Day. Wednesday, 11/8, followed a Friday Schedule.

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