Final Exam Information: 12/20 @ 11:15

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Final Exam Information: 12/20 @ 11:15

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The Final Exam for this course is scheduled for Wednesday, December 20th, from 11:15 am-1:05 pm. The official Final Exam Schedule for STCC can be found here. You are encouraged to check the meetings days and times of your Final Exams ASAP to make sure there are no conflicts.

If you wish to take this exam at a day or time other than specified above, you must email me your request. Your request is not granted until I reply to your email.

There are 33 equally weighted questions on the EET-210 Final Exam. There are 21 True/False questions and 12 Multiple Choice questions. You may use your notes, exams and other resources for the EET-210 Final Exam.

You might wish to look at the Figures Sheet below before you take the exam.
EET-210 Final Exam Figures v17.1.pdf
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NOTE: ALL WORK must be submitted on or before 5:30 pm on Thursday, 12/21/17.


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