Week #4: (2/12-16) Chapters 7 (Light) & 8 (Frequency & Sound)

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Week #4: (2/12-16) Chapters 7 (Light) & 8 (Frequency & Sound)

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Note: Next Monday, 2/19, is President's Day and all classes are cancelled at STCC. Tuesday, 2/20 follows a Monday schedule so we will meet for our class on Tuesday, 2/20 at the usual time.

This week we'll be discussing Chapter 7 on Measuring Light and Chapter 8 on Frequency & Sound in the What's A Microcontroller text. You should read through these chapters, perform all of the exercises in each chapter for your lab, and answer the questions at the end of each chapter.

Next week will be our last week using the WAM text, Chapters 9 & 10, and you are encouraged to get a jump start on those chapters if possible. Looking ahead a couple of weeks, we will begin performing experiments in the StampWorks Manual. You can download the StampWorks Manual as well as the Spec Sheet for the Professional Development Board at here. The required experiments in the StampWorks Manual are:

Experiment #26: Hobby Servo Motor Control
Experiment #27: Stepper Motor Control
Experiment #10: A Digital Clock
Experiments #11, 12 & 13: Using an LCD Display
Experiment #14: Scanning & Debouncing Multiple Inputs
Experiment #16: Frequency Measurement
Experiment #17: Advanced Frequency Measurement
Experiment #18: A Light Controlled Theremin
Experiment #21: Analog Input with PULSIN
Experiment #22: Analog Output with PWM
Experiment #31: Advanced 7-Segment Multiplexing*
Experiment #32: IC2 Communications*
Experiment #33: Using A Real-Time Clock

*These Experiments require external parts not contained within the StampWorks Board Inventory. See your instructor for these components.
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