Week #13: Mathematical Operations with the BS2

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Week #13: Mathematical Operations with the BS2

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NOTE: Monday, April 16, STCC will be closed for the Observance of Patriot's Day. The rest of the week's schedule is unchanged. HOWEVER, please note that according to the STCC Academic Calender, the last scheduled day of classes, Wednesday, May 9, follows a Monday schedule.

This week we will continue working on the Topic from Week #12 on Mathematical Operations with the BS2. Since we will not be meeting for class on this Monday, you are expected to read and cover each of the following topics/materials. It is suggested that you use the sample BS2 code given and/or create your own BS2 demos to fully understand these commands.

Add (+)
Subtract (-)
Multiply (*)
Muliply Middle (*/)
Divide (/)
Modulus (//)
Decoder (DCD)
Encoder (NCD)
Arctangent (ATN)
Sine (SIN)
Cosine (COS)
Square Root (SQR)
Hypotenuse (HYP)
Shift Left (<<)
Shift Right (>>)
And (&)
Or (|)
Xor (^)
And Not (&/)
Or Not (|/)
Xor Not (^/)
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