Week #13: (4/16-20) Truth Table Programming.

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Week #13: (4/16-20) Truth Table Programming.

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This week you will write a program which will implement a 3 variable truth table. The truth table you will implement is the one performed in one of your EET-210 Digital Labs last semester. As a review, this was a seatbelt alarm circuit that would light the LED if the vehicle Ignition (I=1) was on, there was someone sitting in the driver's seat (S=1) and the seatbelt was unbelted (B=0).

Your assignment is to write a PBASIC program which will light an LED (L) when the three switches (I, S & B) are in the proper combination. Any other combination and the LED should be off.

There are several different ways in which to proceed to write this program. For example, you can use IF...THEN statements, you can use the logical operators (&, |, ~, etc.), or some other method you devise.

For simplicity, you can use three wires connected to VSS/VDD to simulate the three switches. Be sure that your program works for all 8 Rows in the Truth Table.


You must demonstrate the operation of your program to your instructor. Then you must submit a flowchart and well commented BS2 Program Listing for your program. Your BS2 program should include a title block in the first few lines of code consisting of your name, course number, date, partner (if you had a partner) and program name.

Here is the truth table:
TruthTable.jpg (157.78 KiB) Viewed 739 times

A copy of the original EET-210 lab handout is attached here for you convenience:
Lab #2 Practical Logic Design Problem v15.1.pdf
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Re: Week #13: (4/16-20) Truth Table Programming.

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Nathan Grenier and Fernando Rosado
Lab Completed

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Re: Week #13: (4/16-20) Truth Table Programming.

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Lab Completed.

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Re: Week #13: (4/16-20) Truth Table Programming.

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Lab Completed.

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