Week #1: (1/22-26) Project Selection.

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Week #1: (1/22-26) Project Selection.

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This week you will discuss among yourselves, and ultimately decide upon, a project (or projects) for this semester.

The final decision and votes will be taken on Thursday morning near the start of the lab.

Here are the project selections from Tuesday morning's lab:

Pizza or Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Four Floor Elevator
Paint Mixer/Color selection
Trash/Recyclable Sorter
Part Assembly

Here are some of the requirements & suggestions for the Project:
* Must be controlled by a PLC
* Must use and HMI interface
* Must have a minimum of 4 people in a team (there are 11 people registered for the class)
* Should be scalable & flexible to meet time/spending constraints
* All project construction & testing should be done by 4/15 for a target date.
5/1 Absolute deadline.
Project presentation will most likely be Wednesday, 5/16, but earlier is possible.
* Should use the 3D printer to manufacturer at least one part or tool for your project.
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