Week #1: (11/9) Introduction to Troubleshooting

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Week #1: (11/9) Introduction to Troubleshooting

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Friday, 11/9: Today we will briefly review the syllabus (found here) and then begin discussion of Chapter 1 of the text on Introduction to Troubleshooting.

For short term only, the pdfs for the course can be found here in the Registered Users Only area of the Forums. You must be logged in and a student in this class to use these resources. You must purchase this text if you have not already done so.

Some support links:

How to Troubleshoot Like an Expert.

Basic Troubleshooting Strategies from AllAboutCircuits.com . There are some good trouble-shooting scenarios to get you thinking about how to go about diagnosing problems.

The Operator's Guide to Successful Troubleshooting. Here's a rough pdf of the above website:
Here's a pdf tutorial from Fluke:
The ABCs of DMMs from Fluke .pdf
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And these: An Introduction to the Digital Multimeter and Digital Multimeter Ohmmeter Measurement from Wisc-Online.

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