Week #2: (11/14-16) Ch. 2 & 3.

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Week #2: (11/14-16) Ch. 2 & 3.

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Due to the observance of Veteran's Day on Monday, 11/12, the college is CLOSED on Monday 11/12. There are NO classes on 11/12 at STCC. However, Wednesday, 11/14, follows a MONDAY schedule according to the STCC Academic Calendar. Therefore, we only meet on Wednesday (which is a Monday schedule) and Friday of this week.

11/14: Today we will discuss Chapter 2 on Working with Other People.

11/16: Today we will discuss Chapter 3 on Troubleshooting Techniques.

Here's a repost of some support links presented in week #1:

How to Troubleshoot Like an Expert.

Basic Troubleshooting Strategies from AllAboutCircuits.com . There are some good trouble-shooting scenarios to get you thinking about how to go about diagnosing problems.

Here's a pdf tutorial from Fluke on DMMs:
The ABCs of DMMs from Fluke .pdf
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And these: An Introduction to the Digital Multimeter and Digital Multimeter Ohmmeter Measurement from Wisc-Online.

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