Week #2 1/2: (11/19-21) Chap. 3-4.

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Week #2 1/2: (11/19-21) Chap. 3-4.

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NOTE: Reminder that the college is on Thanksgiving recess beginning at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 11/21. There are no evening classes on Wednesday, 11/21 and no classes of any kind on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 11/22-24. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

Monday, 11/19: Due to the snow event last Friday, on Monday we will discuss Chapter 3 material posted last week. Click here.

Wednesday, 11/21: Today we will discuss Chapter 4 on Aids to Troubleshooting. Time permitting, we'll begin to discuss Chapter 5 on Preparing for Troubleshooting.

How Infra-red Thermometers Work from Wikipedia.

Click here to see the troubleshooting links were posted in Week #1.

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