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Week #15: (12/10-14) BoeBot Wrap-Up, Project Discussions & Other Microprocessors

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:02 am
by rjagodowski
This is the last week of classes here at STCC for the Fall 2019 semester.

Here is the content posted in Week #12.

This is the link to the End of Semester Project

Here are links to other Microprocessors:

BoeBot with Arduino

Scribbler 3 using the Propeller Microcontroller

The Microcontroller Debate from Nuts & Volts Magazine

Arduino Information

Raspberry Pi Specs

Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi


RaspberriPi Options from No endorsement of Amazon implied!!!! and Raspberri Pi Options from Adafruit.

What is an Interrupt? The BS2 doesn't have any interrupts, buy most microcontrollers do. Here's why they're nice to have and why.