Week #3: (9/18-9/24) Form Factors and Power Supplies

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Week #3: (9/18-9/24) Form Factors and Power Supplies

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This week we will perform the experiment investigating "Form Factors & Power Supplies". A printed copy of this experiment will be provided to you in lab. A pdf of the lab can be found here for your convenience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Lab 4.3, you only have to measure and record the voltage from the power supply for EACH COLOR of the power supply output. You don't have to measure each wire. In other words, every RED power supply wire has (should have) the same voltage. Ditto YELLOW, BLACK, etc.

Also please note that Dell commonly uses modified or proprietary motherboards, cases & power supplies in their computers, so you might have some difficulty making an exact identification on formfactor related questions for the Dell Optiplex GX620 you'll be using in lab today.

You might find these handy for additional information:

Difference Between ATX and BTX Form Factors

Difference Between ATX and NLX Form Factors

BTX Form Factor Sizes

Here's is a link to the Dell Optiplex GX620 Spec Sheet.

Computer Cases & MotherBoard Form Factors

How to turn on a computer PSU (Power Supply Unit) without it being connected to a motherboard, aka, The Paperclip Trick.

If you find yourself frequently having to test power supplies, you might want to invest in a PC Power Supply Tester. Here are some sold by NewEgg.

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