Week #1: (10/9-12) Syllabus & Ch. 1 & 2.

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Week #1: (10/9-12) Syllabus & Ch. 1 & 2.

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NOTE: Our class will be cancelled this Friday, 10/12. An email has been sent to your @student.stcc.edu email address. Your assignment is:

1.) Review Week #2 material.

2.) Review this link on A Beginner's Guide to Visio.

3.) Review the following technical drawing programs: DraftSight and LibreCAD.

NOTE: Monday, 10/8, is Columbus Day and STCC will be closed for that day per the STCC Academic Calendar. Tuesday classes on 10/9 will follow a Monday schedule. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday classes are as usual.

You should have already purchased the book specified in the syllabus, but if you have not, you may use the handouts available in the Registered Users Only area of our forums.

10/9: Today we will briefly review the syllabus (found here) and then begin discussion of Chapter 1 of the text on Introduction to Technical Diagrams.

10/10: Finish discussion of Chapter 1 in the text and view this link on How to Read A Schematic Diagram from Sparkfun.com. We'll use this page as a reference in the coming weeks.

And here's another one: How to Read Circuit Diagrams.

10/12: We'll discuss Chapter 2 in the text today on Symbols on Schematics, with emphasis on the electrical, electronic & fluid power diagrams.
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