Week #5: (2/19-22) Online Collaboration, Google Docs

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Week #5: (2/19-22) Online Collaboration, Google Docs

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Before we discuss the topics of online documentation, we should first have a discussion on Corporate/Industrial/Academic IT Policies. Here's a link to STCC's Information Technology Policy. This is the same information contained in the STCC Student Handbook here:
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The IT Policy in pdf is here:
STCC IT Resources Policy.pdf
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In general, most IT policies clearly state that the network, its software and hardware are the property of the organization and you are granted the privilege to use it within the posted guidelines. One thing to remember about all computer devices is they generally create extensive logs documenting all aspects of system operation. In addition, network monitoring tools can be used to log every website a specific computer visits. These logs can and have been used against employees as grounds for dismissal. Be aware of what you do on someone else's computer or someone else's network. You will also usually see language something like "No Expectation of Privacy" when using the company resources.

This week we will discuss the topic of online collaboration with specific discussions centering around the use of Google's offering, Google Docs. The goal here is to allow people within a group to easily share and contribute to the Google Apps Summary Sheet.

Here is Wikipedia's summary of Google Drive, which is the storage space on Google's servers through which all of this works. This storage space is provided "free" of charge up to a limit. Additional storage, if needed, is available at a cost.

An introduction is given here about Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

How to Share

Chat and Real-time Collaboration.

And should you wish to investigate options other than those provided by Google, this link shows Google Doc Alternatives.

Here's a video tutorial series on Google Docs from AnsonAlex.com.

And here's Google Drive Essential Training from Lynda.com. Lynda.com is a pay video tutorial service in which you pay per month for access time. Each tutorial includes free video presentations so that you can sample the content before deciding to purchase. I can personally recommend this site as I have been a member for some time. I think it can be a great way to learn new software with a minimal financial investment.

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