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Week #14: (4/22-26) IPC Standards, Megger & Hi-Pot Testing

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:19 am
by rjagodowski
This week we will discuss various IPC standards and what you should be aware of when applying for a company that adheres to specific IPC standards. Here is the link to

We will then finish up discussing two pieces of test equipment not used in our curricula, but occasionally seen in use. These are the Mega-Ohmmeter (Megger) and the High Potential (Hi-Pot) tester. They perform related tasks but in different ways. They both test the insulation resistance.

The Mega-Ohmmeter Testing is used to measure the insulation resistance of an electrical system/component/wire.

Hi-Pot Testing is used to stress the insulation and if there is a weakness to induce a failure. That is, the Hi-Pot testing is used to "stress test" for a failure so that it can be repaired before it's put back into service.

Hi-Pot vs. Megger