Week #6: (2/25-3/1) Ch. 3 Controller Operation

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Week #6: (2/25-3/1) Ch. 3 Controller Operation

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This week we will cover Chapter 3 in the Bartelt text on Controller Operation. Handouts for these chapters can be downloaded here in the Registered Users Only area. Printed copies of chapters 1-5 were distributed in class on 2/25. Here's the pdf of the first 5 chapters:
Chapter 01 - 05 Handouts_2019-0225.pdf
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Reminder: You should be answering all of the questions at the end of each Chapter in the text. The answers to these questions can be found here in the Registered Users Only area.

Lab Assignments for Week #6 and Week #7 are posted. Follow directions carefully.

You DO NOT have to do the parts inventory assignment yet as there are new parts kits on order, and they should be arriving by early next week (Week #7). The exercises in Chapter 3 do not require any special components and can be completed with our normally stocked items.

It is STRONGLY ADVISED that you download and install StampPlot Software on your personal laptop computer. You will be using this program for much of the rest of the lab exercises and making numerous measurements and screenshots with this software. It will be much more convenient and less likelihood of losing information if you run the program on your own computer.
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