Week #7: (3/4-8) Pressure Measurement

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Week #7: (3/4-8) Pressure Measurement

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NOTE: There will be a homework problem set attached to this post by Tuesday, 3/5. Please download it and work on this over the Spring Break. Remember your take home exam #1 is due on or before Friday, March 22, after Spring Break. Exam #1 was distributed in class on Monday, 2/25. Further details will be posted on the forums.

This week we will discuss Chapter 4 on Pressure Measurement and begin discussing Chapter 5 on Temperature and its measurement. The handouts for these can be downloaded here in the Registered Users Only area.

A bit more about the Ideal Gas Law, Boyle's Law, Charle's Law and Avogadro's Law. Be sure to scroll down and read about the Ideal Gas Constant R. Check out the table in this Wikipedia Link on the Ideal Gas Constant.

Here's a link to a Demonstration of the Ideal Gas Law. NOTE: This demo uses Java, so if you are concerned about running Java apps on your computer, run this simulation on somebody else's computer! :) The safest way is to download the simulation and run it directly on your computer instead of through your Web Browser. You'll probably still have to modify some security settings to get it to run and if you don't have the Java Environment installed on your computer, you'll have to do that.

Reminder: You should be working through the questions at the end of each chapter in the Bartelt text. Solutions to this questions can be found here in the Registered Users Only area.
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