Week #9 & #13: (3/18-22) Pressure & Temperature Measurement.

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Week #9 & #13: (3/18-22) Pressure & Temperature Measurement.

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NOTE: According to the Academic Calendar, this Wednesday, 3/20, follows a MONDAY SCHEDULE FOR DAY CLASSES. We WILL meet as scheduled on Wednesday.

Exam #1 is due on or before noon this Friday, March 22, 2019.

Monday, 3/18:
On Monday, we will finish our discussion of Pressure Measurement from Week #7

Then we will continue on to Chapter 5 on Temperature and its measurement. The handouts for this chapter can be downloaded here in the Registered Users Only area.

You can also access the support documents for the pdf of the text and homework solutions here, which is also in a Registered Users Only area.

Wednesday, 3/20:

This week, Wednesday, 3/20, follows a Monday schedule to account for the Monday we will lose on April 15 for Patriot's Day.

On Wednesday, we will finish any remaining content from Chapter 5 on Temperature and its measurement, and proceed into Chapter 6 with a discussion of Flow Control.

The handouts can be downloaded at the link above. Printed handouts will be supplied for Chapters 6-10 on Wednesday, 3/20.
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