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Week #10: (3/25-29) Chapter 6 Flow Control.

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 1:48 pm
by rjagodowski
The subject of this week's discussion will be Chapter 6 on Flow Control. Pdf handouts for this chapter can be downloaded here in the Registered Users Only area. Printed handouts for chapters 6-10 were distributed in class on Wednesday, 3/20.

We'll spend time discussing this WiscOnline presentation on The Reynolds Number & Viscosity.

Tractor Trailer Trucks Drag & Aerodynamics and Simulation of Air Turbulence around a Tractor Trailer Truck. It happens with It Happens with Aircraft too.

The math on these presentations of Fluid Mechanics is above our level for this course, but there are some good pictures showing laminar and turbulent flow in Part 2. Fluid Mechanics - Part 1 and Fluid Mechanics - Part 2 from the University of Washington (State).