Week #3: (2/4-8) WAM Chapters 5 & 6

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Week #3: (2/4-8) WAM Chapters 5 & 6

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This week we will discuss Chapters 5 & 6 in the What's A Microcontroller text. The text can be downloaded here.

Note that the RCTIME command starts an internal timer (counter) in the BS2 when the capacitor begins to discharge. Note, at this point the input pin of the BS2 sees the capacitor voltage as a Logic 1. When the voltage across the capacitor reaches 1.4 volts, the BS2 will now interpret the voltage at it's input pin to be a Logic 0 (this is an internal design spec of the BS2). At this point, the BS2 stops the timer and the resultant count is the number of 2 uSec time slices the capacitor needed to discharge to 1.4 volts from it's initial state.

Here are some handouts about the RCTIME command used in these chapters:
RCTime Command.pdf
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