Week #15: (4/29-5/3) DIR IN/OUT, Memory Organization, Input, Output

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Week #15: (4/29-5/3) DIR IN/OUT, Memory Organization, Input, Output

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NOTE: There will be a tour through our department during our usually schedule class time from about 10:40-11:00. Our class will be interrupted by this tour. I would like to ask that those of you who are in the Advanced Automation Class to be in the location of your project so you can answer any questions the students on the tour might have.

This week we'll discuss the some of the various I/O options for the Basic Stamp. Using the Basic Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual we'll refer to Page 81 on Memory Organization, the INPUT command on page 243 and the OUTPUT command on page 293.

The picture below shows the relationship among I/O Port numbers and the way they may be grouped.
DIR, IN & OUT Pic.jpg
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