Week #9: (3/18-22) StampWorks Experiments #2.

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Week #9: (3/18-22) StampWorks Experiments #2.

Post by rjagodowski »

This week you will begin your work in the StampWorks Manual. The complete list of experiments to be performed in this manual is at the end of this post. You can download the StampWorks Manual as well as the Spec Sheet for the Professional Development Board at here.

You MUST demonstrate at least one of your completed experiments to your instructor each time you are in the lab or you will not receive credit for your posts. I will then verify your post with an edit added to your post with a statement similar to "Verified 4/5/18 by RJ"

The BS2 Program code for all of the StampWorks Experiments are contained in this zip file:
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For this week, you should complete at least Experiments #26, #27, #10 & #11 and post a Reply to this Topic stating as such. If you have time, you should continue working through the list. There will be additional experiments, as noted on the list.

The BS2 Professional Development Board was created to allow one to rapidly create and experiment with BS2 projects using a minimum of external hardware. There is a large prototyping area contained on the board, but you will find that many of the traditional I/O devices are included already. For instance: Pushbutton Switches, slide switches, LEDs, 7-Segment LED Displays, potentiometers, stepper-motor driver, audio amplifier & speaker, RS-232 interface and a real-time clock. The idea is to allow one to rapidly construct and debug ideas with a minimal of additional wiring.

When performing these experiments, you will follow the same basic processes as done for the WAM text. These experiments are generally at a higher level and often use more advanced programming techniques, some of which will be further explored in class-room discussion. However, you should thoroughly read each experiment and understand the topics presented.

The Stampworks kit and Professional Development Board (PDB) are in limited supply and, unfortunately, are no longer available for purchase. TREAT THEM CAREFULLY. Also, you may wish to or be required to, work with a partner for many of these exercises. Due to the complexity of some of the Activities, working with a partner is probably a good idea. Due to the limited supply, you CANNOT borrow the boards UNLESS you have the express written approval of Prof. Jagodowski, and even then, if granted, the term will be very limited.

You will notice that the list below begins with Experiments #26 & #27, then back to Experiment #10. It is advised you perform these Experiments in this order. You might find the experiments on Servo Motor and Stepper Motor Control useful for your Advanced Manufacturing (EET-265) project.

The required experiments in the StampWorks Manual are:

Experiment #26: Hobby Servo Motor Control
Experiment #27: Stepper Motor Control
Experiment #10: A Digital Clock
Experiments #11, 12 & 13: Using an LCD Display
Experiment #14: Scanning & Debouncing Multiple Inputs
Experiment #16: Frequency Measurement
Experiment #17: Advanced Frequency Measurement
Experiment #18: A Light Controlled Theremin
Experiment #21: Analog Input with PULSIN
Experiment #22: Analog Output with PWM
Experiment #31: Advanced 7-Segment Multiplexing*
Experiment #32: I2C Communications*
Experiment #33: Using A Real-Time Clock

*These Experiments require external parts not contained within the StampWorks Board Inventory. See your instructor for these components.

In addition, you will be required to perform some additional experiments using the PING Ultrasonic Sensor, a 4x4 KeyPad and, if not already completed, viewing BS2 I/O signals on the Agilent Digital Scopes, to name a few.
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Re: Week #9: (3/18-22) StampWorks Experiments #2.

Post by crlapan »

Experiments # 2 Complete CRL 4/02/19
experiments 12,13,14,16
here is screen shot for EXP16 Frequency Measurement
exp_16.png (21.91 KiB) Viewed 854 times
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Re: Week #9: (3/18-22) StampWorks Experiments #2.

Post by djean0001 »

Experiments # 2 Complete DJ 4/02/19
experiments 12,13,14,16
here is the screen shot from experiment 16 the frequency measurement
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Re: Week #9: (3/18-22) StampWorks Experiments #2.

Post by ctboutin0001 »

I have finished experiments 12, 13 ,14 and 16. Attached if the screenshot from experiment 16.
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Re: Week #9: (3/18-22) StampWorks Experiments #2.

Post by ajfranqui0001 »

I have completed 12,13,14 and 16
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Re: Week #9: (3/18-22) StampWorks Experiments #2.

Post by almarafuga0001 »

I have completed labs 12,13,14, and 16, here is 16
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Re: Week #9: (3/18-22) StampWorks Experiments #2.

Post by rmgoulet0001 »

Done in class
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