Final Exam & Lab Manual Information - Please Read

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Final Exam & Lab Manual Information - Please Read

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The Final Exam for EET-120-D01 will be given on Wednesday, 5/15/2009 from 9:05 am - 10:55 pm, per the STCC Final Exam Schedule for Spring 2019.

Many of you may have a conflict at this time on 5/15 with your EET-130 Final Exam. If this is the case, please see me and we can schedule an alternate time.

You may have up to 2 hours to complete the Final Exam. The final exam is open book & notes, and you may use your computers (or those in 20/M118) to access forum content if necessary. The exam will consist of multiple choice questions based largely upon the questions found at the back of your Pneumatic and Hydraulic Lab Manuals along with some additional problems based upon homework, problems and topics discussed in class.

The final exam consists of 70 Multiple Choice questions, the majority of which are derived from the back of your Fluid Power Lab Manuals. It is strongly advised that you answer these questions as a preparation for the final exam.

IMPORTANT: All Pneumatic and Hydraulic Lab Manuals MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN 2:00 P.M. on Thursday, 5/16. It is suggested that you submit your lab notebooks immediately after you take the final exam. After the scheduled Final Exam, I will post the names of those students below who still need to submit their lab books. Without a lab notebook grade it will be very difficult to pass this class.

If your name is on the list below, I DO NOT have your lab manuals yet (becomes active 5/15 @ noon):
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