Week #2: (1/28-2/1) Progress Reports

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Week #2: (1/28-2/1) Progress Reports

Post by rjagodowski »

You should post your progress for this week as a Reply to this Topic. Each person in your group should create their own post. You may edit your post as you work progresses throughout the week. For example:

Tuesday (1/29): I created the rough schedule for the group for the rest of the semester.

then edit the post on Thursday to add:

Thursday (1/31): I researched materials for the pneumatic control valves needed.

And if you work again later in the week:

Saturday (2/1): Found 3 vendors for the pneumatic control valves.

Progress Report Topics will be locked at the beginning of the next week. DO NOT DELAY IN POSTING YOUR PROGRESS!!!
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Re: Week #2: (1/28-2/1) Progress Reports

Post by dasubbotin »

Wed:1/30: Tonight we discussed the pros/cons of various project ideas and decided on the one we wanted.
We chose to do the Automated Adult Beverage Dispenser.
This option seems to involve or make available many learned concepts such as:
-Robotics, Pneumatics/Hydraulics, Temp Regulation, Calculations, Count Tracking
I'm planning to spin up on the types of Sensors and their capability.
Next week we should start discussing/scoping about potential concept design and needed materials.
This should be fun.
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Re: Week #2: (1/28-2/1) Progress Reports

Post by vrwhitcomb0001 »

January 30, 2019
On Wednesday we voted on what the class project would be. We spoke on the pros and cons of the different options, the educational value of each project, the variability of systems and the scalability of each project idea. We decided on an adult beverage dispenser at the end of the night and reviewed some of the available parts. We spoke of the options the dispenser would have such as a Mass identification scanner, hot and cold drink options, possible robotic integration, pneumatic controls and automatic drink restriction.
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Re: Week #2: (1/28-2/1) Progress Reports

Post by mlgiguere0001 »

Class discussion this week and project decided upon... discussed pros and cons, skills we can implement etc. Asked to come up with design ideas for next class, came up with a few options.
Project ideas.docx
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Re: Week #2: (1/28-2/1) Progress Reports

Post by rjagodowski »

I think Michelle's ideas were good enough to make them readily accessible so you don't have to download and view her document, though, feel free to do so if you wish to edit/comment on her ideas.

Her attachment:

So, Rick said to think about designs… I did some thinking about it and had three different ideas about layout. First has movement both with translation table on bottom as well as rotation on top fitting more options, second has bottles stationary up top just straight across and translation table on bottom for cup to move to position under chosen beverage, and third the cup is stationary and the drinks on a rotary with chosen drink turning into position over the cup.

• Great idea about the ID scan – if underage will only show non-alcoholic options (sorry for those under 21!!! LOL)
• When order placed robot (we can use one of the DoBots) will pick up cup. If ice wanted it will first move cup to ice dispenser for ice then move to the cup holder for next step. If no ice requested will go right to cup holder.
• Once reaches cup holder it will be programmed to go to correct position on translation table to correspond with the drink ordered. The drinks overhead can fit more if put on a lazy susan and can then rotate if needed to the proper drink (seeming to me more can fit this way giving more options)
• Was suggested to me also if the lazy susans themselves were also on a rotary of sorts than even those 4 in front can rotate out to bring another group of drinks to the front position (but we probably don’t need that many 😊… but in the real world more options… definitely better!
• We can use less, like only 3, too. Maybe one for the hot drinks, one for non-alcoholic choices and one with the alcohol. But then if there was more one could also choose some kind of flavoring for their coffee as well etc. (for those who can’t have the Baileys ☹) like amaretto or hazelnut… okay now I am probably going too far LOL
• Can program a drink “regular” stating size of shot so customer knows if they want double shot or triple Hehehe (no I am not an alcoholic LOL) … example Rum & Coke, some like more rum in it than others so they can order it as it comes “regular” or add additional shots of the rum, this makes it more customizable for the patron. We can have sensors to determine when cup is full. So, if there is ice and then the rum is added, it will fill the rest with coke until it reaches the “full” sensor.
• I don’t know if after drink if prepared we want to have the robot put it on some conveyor or something to deliver out to the customer… I don’t know I am just throwing ideas out there.
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Re: Week #2: (1/28-2/1) Progress Reports

Post by jfrusso0001 »

Progress as of 1/31/2019

-Reviewed list of possible projects and decided on the adult beverage dispenser.
-Started brainstorming ideas as to what features we would like to include.
-Implement vision system to scan ID and see if user is over 21. Also possibly record name information off of ID in order to keep track of how many drinks each person has consumed. Maybe prevent that person from ordering alcoholic drinks if they reach a certain amount. The drink limit could be reset every hour or so.
-Find a way to possible offer hot beverages.
-Implement ice dispenser.
-Started thinking about most efficient way to dispense drinks. (gravity feed, pressurized container or pump system?)
-We talked about designing the system so that it's easy to flush and clean.
-Design so that system is easily expandable.
-Find way to monitor how much of each beverage is being dispensed. Either through level sensor looking at the cup or possibly a flow meter for each drink to measure ounces etc.
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