Week #11: (4/1-5) Progress Reports

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Week #11: (4/1-5) Progress Reports

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Please post your progress reports for Week #11 here.

Cognex Camera Downloads. You'll want to download the Insight Explorer software.

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Re: Week #11: (4/1-5) Progress Reports

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We spent the majority of this class trying to figure out how to communicate between the PLC and the robot. We had some documentation that was describing this process, however we needed a electronic translator in order to supply the robot with the proper voltage to trigger positions.

The translator component was ordered and we should be able to get communications sorted out next week.

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Re: Week #11: (4/1-5) Progress Reports

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This week, Rick's DC motor arrived along with a mounting bracket. We tested it with the worm/ring gear and found that it presented challenges keeping the gears mated. We experimented with plan A for spinning the rotor by using a belt based solution, but using electrical tape as a proxy. This worked surprisingly well, which resulted in our favoring this approach. We looked for a heavier duty lazy susan to support higher loads well. We calculated bottle circumference so that someone could fabricate a structure to hold the bottles upright and allow easy removal.

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Re: Week #11: (4/1-5) Progress Reports

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continued working on the programming of DoBot using Blockly and also figuring out the wiring.

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