Week #14: (4/22-26) Progress Reports.

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Week #14: (4/22-26) Progress Reports.

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Please post your progress reports for Week #14 here.
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Re: Week #14: (4/22-26) Progress Reports.

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On Monday (extra day of class), Vinnie mounted another strut, pump mountings & pumps, and bolted down the rotary base, not to mention a din rail to hold the PLC on the backboard, and we also mounted the DC stepper driver unit. We met in the backroom to compile a list of all parts we wanted to mount to the back board. This list was posted to the forum (for last week's class --oops sorry, U can find it there.) We discussed where other mounted items will go (ice dispenser, HMI, wiring) and what material and look we wanted for the front are of the display/system.
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