Week #16: (5/6-10) Progress Reports

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Week #16: (5/6-10) Progress Reports

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Post your progress reports for Week #16 here.

Datasheet for optical sensor used on Credit Card Detector circuit (Omron E3S-AD11):
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Re: Week #16: (5/6-10) Sensors Review & Project Discussion

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This is the updated version of the program

HMI has minimal features.
home dobot
home stepper
choose all 4 sodas
choose all 4 type of other liquids, while actuation the air cylinder on a tonoff timer.
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Re: Week #16: (5/6-10) Progress Reports

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On 5/6/2019 we were able to successfully command the robot through the PLC and control the stepper motor to each position. We also mounted the shot actuator cylinder and verified that it worked correctly.

We also decided to remove the "cup in place" sensor and instead just use the ultrasonic sensor that is mounted about the cup at the soda station. The ultrasonic sensor was tuned to be able to detect a cup in place and to determine when the cup is full.
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Re: Week #16: (5/6-10) Progress Reports

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As I said I would, I discussed the PLC program with Chuck on Tuesday. We had some ideas in which are sketched out that I am attaching. Basically, it gives the customer the ability to customize their order and will not start until their full selections are made and then reset, etc.
the idea has three selections: soda, mix, and ice and which they want or not want, etc. I will let you all check it out, hopefully, it will be helpful and maybe spawn some ideas and thoughts :)

Got a great suggestion for a master override for the barcode scanner. I wired it in on Input 15
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