Week 2 - Week 2 - Day 4 - Safety Wrap up and Intro to Electronics

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Week 2 - Week 2 - Day 4 - Safety Wrap up and Intro to Electronics

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Tonight we'll wrap up our discussions about safety and health concerns. First we'll discuss a handout I'll distribute about "Electrical Protection". Then we'll spend a bit of time talking about "Health" handout which will also be distributed tonight. Health concerns are considered "long term" mechanisms, whereas safety concerns deal with the here and now.

We will then begin discussions about technical diagrams for mechanical and electrical systems. There isn't much info in the text we have about technical documentation, so I'll be supplying handouts and links here to help present the content.

We will also look at some common electronic components, some test equipment, and some common measurements. This is intended as an overview, not an in-dept presentation.

Interesting videos on assembly plants

Corvette Assembly Plant

F150 Assembly Plant

Asbestos Removal

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