Week 4, Day 1: Technical Diagrams

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Week 4, Day 1: Technical Diagrams

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We will then begin discussions about technical diagrams for mechanical and electrical systems. There isn't much info in the text we have about technical documentation, so I'll be supplying handouts and links here to help present the content.

Technical Diagrams - Blueprint Reading

How to Learn to Read Blueprints from wikihow.com.

Here's the pdf of the handout distributed in class today on Basic Blueprint Reading.
Basic Blueprint Reading Powerpoint.ppt
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This is the one given in class.
basicblueprintreading-1 per page.pdf
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This is larger, 1 screen per page, Don't Print!

And here's the file of the original PowerPoint Presentation for the above pdfs:
basicblueprintreading-4 per page.pdf
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YouTube Videos
Blueprint Reading - Intro & Views Pt. 1 (12min)
Blueprint Reading - Intro & Views Pt. 2 (11 min)
Blueprint Reading - Intro to Drawing Formats Pt. 1 (13 min)
Blueprint Reading - Intro to Drawing Formats Pt. 2 (7min)

Here's another YouTube video (23min) on Blueprint Reading - Reading Engineering Drawings.

Electrical Diagrams
Electrical Wiring: Electrical circuits wiring tutorial (Relay logic)

Relay Logic Part 1: The Basics

Visual Walkthrough of Schematic Diagram and Control Logic

How to Read AC Schematics and Diagrams Basics

How to read an electrical diagram Lesson #1

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