Week 5, day 1 Schematic Diagrams, Data & Coax Cable

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Week 5, day 1 Schematic Diagrams, Data & Coax Cable

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For today's class we will revisit the handout from Day #6 and Blueprint Reading.

For convenience, this is the document. You were given a printed copy of this on Day #6.
basicblueprintreading-4 per page.pdf
This is a 55 page document.
basicblueprintreading-1 per page.pdf
This is the same document as above, but with only one screen per page, so it's over 220 pages long.

Our emphasis will be on the Electrical/Electronic Drawings. We will also reference some of the later chapters in our text book to see the electronic devices used in various schematic circuits.

Coaxial Cable Tutorial This is a bit deeper in content than we need, so we'll just highlight a few of the key topics in class.

Video on How to Strip and Terminate a Coax Cable (2 mins.)

Ethernet Cables & How They Work

Ethernet Cable Wire Color Guide

Video on How to Make an RJ-45 Network Cable (12 mins.).

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